Utopia Hydrogen Water for pets | 8.1 fl oz (240ml) per can
 Utopia Hydrogen Water | 8.1 fl oz (240ml) per can back label nutrition facts
Utopia Hydrogen Water | 8.1 fl oz (240ml) per can front label

Utopia Hydrogen Water for Pets | 1 case of 30 cans (8.1 fl oz / 240ml per can)

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1 case of 30 cans | 8.1 fl oz (240ml) per can | Utopia Hydrogen Water

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Your pets deserve only the very best. They deserve to be happier and healthier. They deserve Utopia Hydrogen Water.

Utopia Hydrogen Water is zero-calorie, zero-mineral, 100% safe water from natural springs around the Minami Alps Mountain Range in Nagano, Japan, that will invigorate your pets, helping them age better and protecting them from illnesses so they stay with you longer.

Utopia is infused with hydrogen through a special patented Japanese technology and encased in special Japanese packaging of the highest quality designed especially for pets. Unopened cans have a shelf life of 5 years. Hydrogen in opened cans dissipate within 3 hours.

Order your pet Utopia today.

Benefits For Your Pet
  • Removes toxic oxygen from the body through antioxidation
  • Helps bolster your pets immune system, energizes, and increases youthfulness
  • Helps relieve inflammation and skin allergies
  • Helps reduce odor (e.g., less smelly droppings and fresher breath)
  • Helps with digestion and smooth waste discharge
  • Helps maintain smoother, shinier, and softer fur
  • Helps build strong bones and muscles
  • Maintains all of the other benefits of regular water consumption