About Us

Utopia Hydrogen Water is zero-calorie, zero-mineral water from natural springs around Minami Alps Mountain Range in Nagano, JapanIt is infused with hydrogen through a special patented Japanese technology and encased in special Japanese packaging designed especially for pets. It has a number of great health benefits for your pets that will make them healthier and happier, a delicious taste that is sure to delight, and is 100% safe to be used in the place of regular water.

While Utopia is made in Japan, we have a base of operations Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California.

About Production

Utopia Hydrogen Water is created in a specially-made factories that are bacteria-free located in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan. With water sourced from the local mountain springs, every bottle is produced with the utmost quality and care to ensure your pets have the very best.
100% Bacteria-Free Factory for Creating Utopia Hydrogen Water for Pets
Tateyama in Japan