Why Choose Utopia Hydrogen Water for My Pets?

What Is Utopia Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is simply pure water with extra hydrogen molecules added to it. It is a great source of antioxidants that has a number of health benefits for your pets. Utopia Hydrogen Water is zero-calorie, zero-mineral water from natural springs around the Minami Alps Mountain Range in Nagano, Japan. It is infused with hydrogen through a special patented Japanese technology and encased in special Japanese packaging designed especially for pets. Just like normal drinking water, our water generally has a neutral pH of 7.

Is Utopia Hydrogen Water Safe for My Pets?

Absolutely. Hydrogen gas is not a foreign substance: It is natural to the body. There is no risk of over-consuming hydrogen as any excess will just evaporate. It can be consumed just as much as water. Utopia Hydrogen Water has no minerals or calories, and is specially packaged and created for pets using patented Japanese technology to ensure the highest standard of quality. 

What Health Benefits Does Utopia Hydrogen Water Have?

Utopia Hydrogen Water is infused with hydrogen, a very powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent. It helps relieve the body of harmful toxins, remove free radicals, and reduce oxidative stress, the causes of many illnesses and premature ageing. Hydrogen penetrates parts of the body other antioxidants cannot reach such as neurons and cell nuclei.

  • Removes toxic oxygen from the body through antioxidation
  • Helps boost your pet's immune system, fight ageing, and energize
  • Helps relieve inflammation and skin allergies
  • Helps reduce odor (e.g., less smelly droppings and fresher breath)
  • Helps with digestion and smooth waste discharge
  • Helps maintain smoother, shinier, and softer fur
  • Help build strong bones and muscles
  • Maintains all of the other benefits of regular water consumption
Is Hydrogen Water the Same as Alkaline Water?

No. Alkaline water has large quantities of minerals dissolved in it, and it does not normally have an electric charge or contain active hydrogen. Only “ionized alkaline” water has an antioxidant electric charge and some dissolved hydrogen. The excess minerals in this type of water combined with its high pH means that it can be over-consumed unlike hydrogen water, leading to negative effects on your pets health.

How Often Should My Pet Drink Utopia Hydrogen Water?

Utopia can be used to completely replace your typical sources of water for your pets, but just a few cans a week will positively impact your pet's health. We recommend starting with 1 can a day for smaller dogs under 30 pounds and 2 cans a day for larger dogs over 30 pounds. Unopened cans have a shelf life of 5 years. Hydrogen in opened cans dissipate within 3 hours.

Where Does My Water Ship From?

While Utopia Hydrogen Water is completely produced in Japan, our water will ship from our warehouse located 30 minutes from Los Angeles, California to reduce shipping costs.